06 – Todd Brison – How To Be An “Intrapreneur”

Todd Brison has 51,000 Medium followers–which is insane–but that’s not what we’re here to talk about today.

Todd has a special story. A couple years ago he doubled his salary and founded a new position in his own company because of one idea. After pitching his project to some of the big heads in the organization, Todd was promoted and given a whole new role in the company. We call these people Intrapreneurs, and I believe you can be one, too.

Todd is a fantastic writer. He got started on Medium in January of 2015 and hasn’t let up since. Now he has what his friends call a “small city” following him there, and I’m supremely jealous. Some more crazy news is that he’s releasing his book, “The Unstoppable Creative” tomorrow, but he’s allowed us to have access to the cart a day early. Get over there and show his work some love–it’s a pay-what-you-want system!

Todd was a perfect guest to have on because he writes regularly to the young people of the world. Read his post, “Dear Young People Looking For A Career–Do This” to see what I mean.

Let’s dive right in to the show:

You Can Also Find Todd Here:



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