About Us

After I graduated I felt more lost than I ever have in my life.

I went on interviews for positions i didn’t want, dressed up in suits WAY too big for me, and even took minimum wage jobs at Panera Bread because… BILLS.

Then I started freelance writing. I discovered a world free from corporate bonds and shitty managers. I discovered a world apart from the one all my other friends were living in.

My first day I made $100 in 10 hours, and I was hooked. After that I started writing for bigger clients, then major websites, then my own blog!

Within 9 months I became a contributor at the Huffington Post, then traveled across the country and back while working from my laptop.

Not once did it ever dawn on me to teach anyone else how to do it.

That changes with this blog. The Post-Grad Survival Guide started somewhere else–on a platform called Medium. Over the last 12 months I built up a following of 17,000 people combined, along with 2,500 email subscribers. Now I’ve expanded here to bring you a brand new podcast, along with how-to content about freelancing and blogging.

You already have the tools to live a life others can only DREAM of. You must only have the courage to use them, and live differently than 95% of the people on this planet.

Are you with me? Are you ready to travel the world while freelancing for tons of clients? Are you ready to gain exposure for doing it on some of the biggest sites in the world? Are you ready to build an audience of thousands and make money blogging?

I can teach you. If you want to book a coaching call with me, do so via the form on this page.

More About Me

I’m in the top 200 writers on Medium (12.5K followers), and average 30,000 page views per month to all my content. I’ve been featured in viral videos, written viral articles, and talked to some of my childhood heroes in the process.

In the past I’ve written for The Huffington Post, Diply, Thought Catalog, The Mission, Elite Daily, and so many other top publications. This year I built up a publication of my own called The Post-Grad Survival Guide, which now sports 5,500+ followers on Medium.

Don’t forget about our podcast, too! Every week I interview another badass individual for the PGSG Podcast. We chat about their struggles after college, specifically to bring hope and guidance to our audience here.

Our Story

The Post-Grad Survival Guide started as an experiment on Medium in October of 2016. Originally I just wanted to post 300 word snippets about the lessons I learned after college–not thinking about it too much.

Surprisingly enough, my words started resonating with people. My articles would get 40 views, then 100 views, then 1,000! Slowly but surely, we started averaging 15,000 unique visits every month, and got pretty popular on that platform.

A year later, we have over 5,500 followers.

The Post-Grad Survival Guide is really about the disillusionment I felt with corporate life after school, and the alternatives I found to create a much better life for myself.

Unlike our sister site on Medium, we’ll do away with posting five times per week and opt instead for one solid “Mega Post” every Sunday. What kind of content should you expect?

I figured out how to make money freelancing, travel the country while working, and build a huge audience on Medium all at the same time. It’s here that I’ll teach you how to do all three of those things (and do them well) so that one day you yourself can pursue a fulfilling side-hustle, or quit your job to travel like me.

Do you feel the same? Are you a recent graduate who wants nothing to do with Corporate life? Do you want to trade in 9-5 for your own schedule and a round-trip ticket around the world? If so, LISTEN UP, SUBSCRIBE, and don’t miss a beat.