08 – Alex Mathers – Self-Taught Illustrator; 23,000 Medium Followers

Above (if you’re viewing this on the blog) is a piece of Alex Mathers’ artwork. SIGH, I wish I could draw like that.

Alex and I bonded over a lot of things–one of them being that he’s an INFJ just like me (#INFJPower). He’s also a bit of a world traveler who works and lives wherever he wants to.

Right now he’s in Bangkok, Thailand. Previously he’s lived in London and Tokyo.

Did I mentioned he worked at Google for a bit?

This man has done so many things it’s impossible for me to mention them all. OH, he also has about 23,000 followers on Medium (as of this moment). As if that wasn’t already enough?

In our interview we talk about college, drawing, writing, Medium, and traveling. My kind of interview 😉


You can also find Alex on:


His Blog


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