07 – Jenny Blake – Author of the Best-Selling Book ‘Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One’

Jenny Blake is an ex-Google employee, best-selling author, and entrepreneurial badass who’s best known for her book, Pivot: The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One.

After working at Google for five years after college (and loving it), Jenny decided to take a leave of absence to promote her new book, ‘Life After College.’ After a tough couple months transitioning to the solopreneur lifestyle (and a dwindling bank account), Jenny blossomed into a successful public speaker, coach, author, and writer online.

It was so amazing to chat with Jenny about what it was like working at Google, writing her book, and having the courage to be a solopreneur full-time.

After listening to this interview, you’ll realize your current career DOESN’T have to define the rest of your life. You can change it pretty easily…that’s the power of what Jenny calls a Pivot.

Special thanks to Jenny for coming on. She’s definitely the most high-profile person to be featured on the show so far (which is REALLY saying something). I hope you enjoy our conversation about life, careers, and most of all, hope.

You can also find Jenny at:


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