6 Ways A Medium Blog Can Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website

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How do I say this? Without my Medium blog, I wouldn’t be much of a writer at all.

On my first blog, Finding Tom, I struggled to get more than 30 pageviews on any new articles. There was only so many times I could share on Facebook, people.

I got so sick of it, and then I found Medium.

Medium was my saving grace. The first article I posted there got me about 30-40 views, which wasn’t bad considering I had like 49 followers.

Part of me wants to say you should just forsake WordPress in favor of a Medium blog, but I know now that Medium can be a heck of a tool in tandem with a WordPress blog, not just on its own.

After a couple months I passed 1,000 followers on my Medium blog/publication, started attracting thousands of views every month, and really started figuring out how awesome this platform really was.

In and of itself, Medium is a traffic machine. It’s part-blog, part-social-media-network. Instead of publishing tweets or status updates, users just post their articles. If you do it enough, it’s really not that hard to attract a damn good following.

The best part?

It only takes a couple weeks to get the Medium algorithm to shuffle followers your way. Since everyone already posts on the same platform, your articles can get suggested at the end of other people’s articles. And since everyone is already on Medium looking for great content, you don’t have to do much marketing after you hit publish. People will literally just find you because they’re already there!

Since everyone already posts on the same platform, your articles can get suggested at the end of other people’s articles. And since everyone is already on Medium looking for great content, you don’t have to do much marketing after you hit publish. People will literally just find you because they’re already there!

I know, it’s like the greatest thing ever for bloggers. I actually have zero clue why more people aren’t talking about it!

But, if your blog is still your baby and you’re looking to use Medium as your marketing machine, there’s a couple ways you can literally blow your stats through the roof with this awesome, awesome platform. Let’s get right into it:

1. Write For Publications

This is my highest performing article on Medium. It literally exploded on the platform, garnering 2, 310 views in one day.

As you can see below, I received a huge influx of views the day after I published it, then I got another wave 7-8 days later.

The reason it did so well at first, ladies and gentlemen, is because I posted it on a Medium Publication called The Mission. The reason it did so well seven days later is because Medium decided to put it in a large number of user’s Daily Digests, which are sent to people’s inboxes every day.

Yeah, Medium does that.

You really need to get on the platform already.

I could get into the specifics about how Medium distributes content, but instead I’ll just say that it boils down to platforms. The Mission has 350,000+ followers. As soon as you publish a story there, it gets a wave of views because so many people follow that publication.

It’s the same thing with The Writing Cooperative, or The Coffeelicious, or The Ascent.

Think of a Medium publication as a site you can guest post on. If you mention your blog at the end of your article, or even in the middle of it, it counts as a backlink and can send a LOT of people to your blog.

It’s really just a numbers game.

The publications with the highest follower counts can do the most damage. But after a certain point, Medium may take control of your content and blast it out to even more people.

The algorithms are what makes this platform so exciting. I’ve found that after my articles get 100 claps (kind of similiar to Facebook likes), Medium starts showing it in more search results, emails, and homepages. The platform works for you after a certain point–all you need is a Medium publication to help you make that initial noise.

Exciting, right?

Below are a couple great publications for you to look into contributing to. To become a writer, go to Smedian.com, link your Medium profile, and hit the “Request To Contribute” button next to the respective publication you want to contribute to. I go into more detail about it here (look at #3).

2. Start Your Own Publication

Starting your very own Medium publication is easy, but not for the faint of heart. I’ve convinced a couple great writers to start their own pubs, but after a week or two they just couldn’t do what was needed to thrive.

However, if you decide to follow the exact plan I’m about to lay out for you, you’ll win on this platform. In fact, starting your own publication is one of the most lucrative ways to grow your blog’s traffic. I go over it in this post also, but let’s get into it here for convenience..

To start a Medium publication, hit the “Publications” button on your profile drop-down menu..

Then click “New Publication” on the following screen.

I’ll save the hand-holding for a future post, but really all you have to do is create a semi-good-looking logo and header image using logomakr, then screenshot the designs and paste them in. Or you could just use your blog’s logo/graphics.

Now that you got your publication setup, let’s chat about how it can help you explode your blog’s statistics.

If you post regularly (5 times per week), Medium will start to send followers to your Medium publication automatically after two weeks. They do this by suggesting it to new users and showing it in search results on the right hand side.

It might start out as just 15-20 followers at first, but trust me, this adds up after a while, and puts you in good favor with the Medium algorithms. I’ll disclose why these followers are more valuable than you think in a second, but just think about the amount of people that will start seeing your articles on their homepage!

Your stories will start reaching more people, you’ll get more eyes on your content, and you’ll be able to drive more and more people back to your awesome blog (not to mention create a couple backlinks in the process).

This is all well and good, but we’re just scratching the surface here. “Letters” are the real reason Medium publications are so awesome. Let’s dive in.

3. “Letters”

Your publication has a feature called “Letters” that’s probably the coolest thing Medium has invented so far.

A Letter is Medium’s version of an email. After you click on that button, it takes you to a screen where you can draft up an email, and after you hit “send” at the bottom, it magically goes to inboxes everywhere.

The best part? Whenever someone decides to follow your publication, it’s basically like they’ve subscribed to your newsletter. Medium treats it that way, anyway.

“Wait a minute, Tom. Does that mean if I make my own Medium publication I’ll get 15-20 email subscribers PER DAY within two weeks?”

Yes, you heard me crystal freaking clear. I have no idea why marketers aren’t talking about this and blowing this little secret through the collective internet stratosphere, but here I am doing it for you.

They don’t even take the followers through an opt-in process. If they’re Medium members, they’ve already waved their choice in the matter. They’re getting your emails.

Now you can shout out new blog posts with a letter, and build an email list faster than you probably are right now! It’s amazing.

4. “Featuring” Your Story On Your Medium Blog/Profile

Let’s say you write a great Medium post with tons of links back to your blog. Let’s say it starts doing really well– getting applause left and right–and you want to keep the blog traffic train rolling into the future? Luckily for you, this article can be the first thing people see on your Medium blog/profile.

We can do this by “featuring” the story.

Right underneath your profile is a “featured” section. You can choose to feature a story at the top, or you can just choose to show your “latest” stories. It’s kind of like a blog roll, except you can feature one of your favorite posts at the top.

To do this, just scroll down your stories list, find the article you want to feature, and click on the arrow next to the banner in the bottom right.

Then hit “Feature at the top of your profile” and it’ll show up at the top.

There we go! That’ll keep that blog traffic train a rolling.

5. Linking To Your Site In Your Profile

Once you get good at Medium, you’ll start attracting mad followers. If you don’t believe me, check this out:

If you get anywhere close to attracting 2,000+ people to your profile in 30 days, then you better bet a couple hundred of them AT LEAST are going to take a look at your profile. More specifically, they’re going to read your profile summary.

This could be a huge opportunity for you to get hundreds of people to your site. We can’t waste this opportunity.

That’s where including links in your profile come in.

A great tool to use for link shortening is Tinyurl. That’s how you’ll shorten the link to your blog, podcast, YouTube channel, etc.

All you have to do is hit the “edit” button on your profile, and you’ll be able to click into your profile summary and type whatever you want. Paste your shortened link inside, and now everyone will be able to find you on other platforms!

6. Linking To Your Site In Your Headline

Another feature I don’t see a lot of people utilizing on Medium is linking to your blog post WITH your headline. Let me show you what I mean.

First, just highlight your headline (like above), and click on that little chain logo. After that, a black box will appear above it where you’ll be able to paste your website link into.

After you have it pasted, just hit “Enter,” and your headline will look like this:

After that, anybody who clicks on your headline will get taken straight to your blog post/channel/etc.

Use Medium, But Don’t Abuse It

One last word of wisdom is that you should definitely use Medium, but don’t abuse it.

Medium is a wonderful platform where you can get your articles read by thousands of people. It’s not simply a tool like Pinterest or Reddit to drive traffic–it’s a community of people who want to discover great content.

Yes, traffic to your blog really matters, but if you’re just “using” a Medium blog to drive traffic, then you’ll never really unlock its full potential.

You have to prove that you’re there for the long haul–for the amazing people–and then you’ll start to reap the rewards because it’ll be genuine.

After you really “buy” into the community, you’ll find that Medium in-and-of itself might be the only thing you need to accomplish your blogging goals.

I saw more views/engagement on my Medium blog than I ever did with WordPress. It’s because of Medium that I’m even relevant online at all. Use this great platform for good!

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