03 – David Kadavy – Stay Relentlessly Curious, And You’ll Win

Music Credit: Bay Breeze, by FortyThr33

David Kadavy lives in Colombia. He has a top podcast that’s received 500,000 downloads. He’s written an Amazon best-selling book (Design For Hackers) that occupied the #18 spot in the Amazon store. He has 30,000+ followers on Medium.

So what is he? A designer? A podcaster? A writer?

Part of the reason he’s so hard to define is because he’s always followed his curiosities. David looks at learning and what we’re meant to do as more of an evolution than anything.

His journey as an indepedendent creator REALLY started about five years after college, and for the past ten years it’s led him on one heck of a journey. Now he’s living life as a Digital Nomad in South America, spending his time doing exactly what he wants to do, wherever that may lead him.

This is his post-grad story.

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