04 – How To Travel The World By Bicycle – Thomas Despin

Thomas Despin rode across the world on a bicycle. Yeah. Crazy enough, his travels took him to cities like Barcelona, Budapest, Miami, New York City, and finally Bali.

Everything he needed–his tent, food, clothes, and belongings–were just packed on the back of his bike.

When he arrived in New York City a year after he began this undertaking, Thomas found the city was super receptive to his dream. He took pictures with inquisitive residents and even met his idol, Casey Neistat, in the process.

The crazy part is, this isn’t even the coolest part of his trip.

After his world travels, Thomas settled in Bali. It was there he built a dropshipping business that made $750,000 in revenue over one year.

In this episode I talk to him about traveling, overcoming obstacles, and straight-up entrepreneurial ingenuity. You’re going to love it. Take a listen below:

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