02 – Becoming A Top Medium Writer With No Experience – Tiffany Sun

Tiffany Sun

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Tiffany Sun started writing on Medium in 2015. As she says herself in this week’s episode, she wasn’t that great at first.

That changed.

Today she has over 21,000 followers on this gargantuan platform, and boasts “Top Writer” status in 5 of the most coveted categories. Overall, she’s one of the top 200 most-followed writers on the platform.

For perspective, last year Medium averaged 60 million unique visitors per month, and it’s estimated that 140,000 stories are posted there every single week. So, how did she go from no writing experience to one of the most popular writers on Medium?

Well, she put the time in. She constantly opened up her soul to complete strangers, telling some of her most personal stories along the way. It resonated.

As is the case with every Post-Grad Survival Guide Podcast episode, who Tiffany Sun is today is intimately related to what she went through as a twenty-something after college.

Listen below to find out her incredible story from scared 25-year-old to Digital Nomad traveling Southeast Asia.

Where To Find Tiffany Sun Online

You can find Tiffany Sun’s writing on her personal blog and on Medium.

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